Saturday, 25 May 2013


Thought I'd post this as the original Jap CD is being sold for
extortionate prices.
I haven't/didn't buy alot of Japanese Re-Issues..but some I did
....and this happens to be one of them !
Released in 1979 containing the well known track  'Call To
Musicians include Mtume & Regie Lucas amongst others.....

Enjoy the Esoteric Waves !

...Say Hello or something..


Franco said...

The more comments....the more I post....three downs on this and not a whisper....you can't be arsed then niether can I.
Don't want my arse licked just a'Thanks'or 'Shit that' will do.

Valladão said...

Please, don't get mad with us, we love what you do!

I myself like to comment on the album after I've listened to it so I can point out something that got my attention or my favorite track, maybe that's the case with the others too. I'll be downloading it now (or my computer will, while I sleep) and I'll come back here when I've listened to this gem. In the mean time, thanks a lot, Franco!

Nikolay said...

I have read your comment on my site in this post: http://plastinka.org/jazzmusic/2411-evgeni-lambrinov-jazz-quartet-margi-kostova-8206-jazz-1981.html
I'm glad you liked it.
Of course you can post this vinyl on your blog if you specify the author's nickname and keep links and password from this post.
Best regards, Nick!

Valladão said...

Franco, could you please post some info about your japanese reissue - you know, things like label, catalogue and release year?
This kind of information is always nice to have when you've got to store your files.

Also thanks a lot, the sound is awesome and, boy, what a nice album!

Franco said...

Valladao glad you like it!
As for more info....I haven't got the time at the moment mate due to Lifes commitments.
But info is readily available on the Net.
I spent Months ripping all my CD's (About 1,200)and have permanent calluses on Knees and tops of my feet(maybe I'll post a Pic of them eh, Ha)from kneeling in front of Laptop.
Limited space means my Cd's are stored in plastic crates stacked on top of one another without any cataloguing so to access any particuar ONE is a nightmare!

Valladão said...

OK, these informations are nice to have but it's not like they were essentials.

Anyway I think I found your reissue here: http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/5614860/a/esoteric+funk.htm

Label: Universal Japan
Cat #: UCCJ-9071
Release Date: 2002

Franco said...

Valladao thats the One.....think its the only reissue....

Anonymous said...

hey Franco,

thanks man!

here in the PRC, non-conformist sounds are thin on the ground..

downloading now, your efforts are much appreciated,

thanks again,

andy, shanghai

Franco said...

Your welcome Andy.....Check back in a couple of weeks ,hope to be back posting then...meanwhile enjoy
PRC and the Music(Wanna Swap?)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Franco thx...v.much. Nick

Anonymous said...

much appreciated, man!

Anonymous said...

esoteric funk - been looking out for this one

any David Sanctious and tone

snubradew said...

Right on, thank you much! Ive been very curious about this one

Franco said...

Your welcome ....nice to see people are still visiting the Blog!

Anonymous said...

fantastic thanks - had the album years ago (the 70's) and it disappeared somewhere down the cracks of time. One of the great jazz funk albums of the era - quality. looking forward to it taking me back in time!!! cheers JC

russwest said...

Hi, can you repost a flac version for this one, seems that it's an old wav rip and quality is nearer 15000Hz than 20000Hz (for example, ripped as 192-256kbps mp3 should be the same), thanks in advance if you could make it.

Franco said...

Hi Russ, sorry for delay. All my CD's are buried amongst other stuff / junk non accessible at present. I spent 3 months ripping over a 1000 cd's ....something I never want to do again. They where all ripped using EAC @ 44.100 kHz,16 Bit, Stereo. PCM converter. High Quality (slow) The CD was a Jap paper sleeve import purchased from Dustygroove.
I'll be honest, I'm not that technical so I don't understand your statement regarding 15000Hz 20000Hz etc....sorry.